This website is starting up to try to make endurance running (such as Cross Country) more accessible to more people and a more visible option for people in communities where they might feel alone in their interest in this kind of fitness activity. We will offer a web presence for anyone who is trying to build a no-charge (except help covering group expenses such as t-shirts or transportation to events participated in together) group of runners centered in a geographic location – a neighborhood, a house of worship, a school – even something like a favorite coffeehouse works as well, so long as you’re open to having more people in your community run with you and build healthy community, we will give you virtual space & whatever digital resources we can to help make that possible.

This is starting as a family project run by a wheelchair-using (yes, this is a bit ironic) mom of five, so updates will happen as time allows. If you know Ahmie personally and want to help with this – contact her through the means you already know.


coming soon


coming soon